What Exactly is Tai Chi and How Does it Work?

Tai Chi does not get the attention that is deserves in the Western world and that fact is a little perplexing. It combines the benefits of yoga and strength training and has virtually zero restrictions when it comes to weight, [...]

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Posted on: July 4th, 2014 by Arthur Thares No Comments

The exercise step gets a bad reputation as the main star in almost every late 80’s and early 90’s exercise video. The truth is that this seemingly simple piece of equipment is versatile and useful in many exercise plans. The [...]

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Balance and core strength are the foundation of exercise, without them we would not even be able to do the simplest of movements. The problem is that when many people begin a workout problem they shoot straight for killer biceps [...]

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Long distance running has long been the considered the pinnacle of fitness. The ideas behind running long distances for exercise have changed over the last decade as we turn toward strength training and muscle confusion when it comes to weight [...]

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When you think of that washboard stomach the first thing that always pops into your head is the rectus abdominus, or “abs.” The rectus abdominus is what gives you that six pack, but the obliques are what frames the six [...]

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Everyone wants bulging biceps and washboard abs.  When pressed for their next biggest goal it is probably a nice pair of legs.  There are certain muscles that people take for granted.  These muscles are usually muscles that most people never [...]