The boxers

Every man which is doing sports has to take care of themselves, because you need to merge sport, food, sleep, rest and repeating everything.Boxers – all people are talking about this sport. Some of them likes it and some not. It is brilliant sport for a whole of your body as long as you have no injuries in your head. They need all – body strength. They build their selves up with a lot of running, eight kilometres every morning. Then they go and train at a local sports centre – weight machines, plus running, rowing and cycling machines. They box from six to eight in the evenings, either a punchbag or training with another boxer, whatever their coach says.

It is difficult to find a good way to make their footwork faster except to keep working on it. Some of them have never done ballet, though many boxers are keen on ballet as a way to improve their agility. They have some cereals and a glass of orange juice for a breakfast. At lunchtime they have fruits. When they have finished training, they have rice or pasta with white meat. It may not sound much but everything depends on your weight. Feather – weight fighters have to be lean and they are training till the last sigh. Heavy weight fighters have to eat more and train more because they have more muscles and they have to put more work in order to exercise all of them, it is harder for heavy weight boxers to fight and it is more dangerous because every punch into the head could be the last one, so everyone is doing their best to safe them selves and not to get injuries.

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