Bodybuilding after 70

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Modern man lives long, thanks to the careful attitude to the body through diet and even more thanks to the drug were able to push the boundaries of biological death to 75 years , 80 years or more. Everything in the human body is interconnected, and there is at least one body begin to work poorly , as in this terrible game of destroying enters his body .

Person ceases to load adrenals (namely, they first start working with any physical activity, producing a substance important for human – male hormones) , as immediately begin work bad heart and lungs , kidneys and liver , prostate and pancreas . It’s simple – the body has begun to lose by abandoning the most important – the regeneration of new cells , which makes it a serious sport – bodybuilding and cardio .

 There are many special techniques bodybuilding for men over 70 . With such techniques can be found on special websites or buy specialized literature in the bookstore . Successfully using these techniques , men are under the supervision of medical specialists . Proper nutrition , smoking cessation and alcohol is also an important element in their lives.

They see and feel that bodybuilding really works wonders : – It lowers the blood sugar level due to more intense insulin ; – It treats the joints, not only removing the inflammation , but stopping their destruction ; – It resumes normal operation precocious reproductive system , causing forget about impotence forever ; – Just bodybuilding strengthens the heart , restores normal functioning of the brain , strengthens blood vessels and relieves shortness of breath , weakness, lethargy, and even depression ; – It removes the old age !

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