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Drop – set – is shock technique often used in the training. His practice from time to time. If you ever do , you can easily become a victim of overtraining. The principle of a drop- set is that reaching a “refusal” You reduce operating weight ( about 20 %) and continue to do the exercise . The amount of such additional steps are not limited. But it is necessary to understand that more is not better . Here, the number more trains your endurance , and our goal – the volume . Modern Methodist recommend the use of drop- sets on an ongoing basis. At the same time they need to perform in the final set and no more than with 2 steps. Failure to achieve the same only in the second , auxiliary , steps . When using a drop- sets in exercises with barbell necessarily need a partner . The moment you finish the last set , it should help you to quickly lose pancakes. If you do it yourself , a pause is too long , and the effectiveness of drop- drop set . With dumbbells situation is similar. Only instead of a partner , you can use dumbbell rack. After finishing the regular set , reset dumbbells on the floor and quickly take off the rack new . Many people do not pay attention to a variety of scientific innovations and perform a drop- set on the old fashioned way – occasionally. That is when I feel a strong burst of energy . At this point it is natural to go to the drop- set giving it full force . Remember , drop- set must be a real shock to your muscles.

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varying exercises
If you always do the same exercises for arms that explains the lack of results . Muscles get used to the motion and only answer so to grow, muscles must be shocked . To do this it is necessary to continuously update the training exercises in training. Two techniques that professionals use to maximize muscle growth are drop sets and supersets . Drop sets ( pyramid sets )
They are known as ” pyramid sets ” that start with a heavy weight that parcurs.Incepi reduce weight with some exercise to exhaustion and then reduce the weight and do it again the same exercise to exhaustion (without break ) . where only you can make any repetition with a lighter weight reduce it again and do the same exercise without rest immediately . EX drop set for biceps : say that usually do curls with dumbbells dumbbell kg.iei 22 of 22kg and do many repetitions as you can until the epuizare.apoi immediately ( without break ) take 20 kg dumbbells and perform the same exercise until epuizare.Fara to take pause to take 18 kg dumbbell and perform the same exercise until you feel inferior muschii.acesta form one single set.Aceste sets are really heavy but very bn activates your muscles and force them to grow. supersets
You some kind of exercise for a muscle to exhaustion gupa , then immediately switch to another exercise for the same group musculara.Spre contrast drop sets you do the same exercise several times reducing weight , this is about two years for the same group muscle done one after another. Example of Pentre superset biceps :
the dumbbell curls that do usually lighter and two dumbbells beside you . , a banca.Incepi exercise with dumbbell curls with the feet to exhaustion and then sit on the bench and do dumbbell take alternate dumbbell curls until you can not .

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Drop Sets

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Drop Sets are a great way to overcome a lifting plateau. In short, they are a method of squeezing every last bit of performance out of your muscles. The methodology is simple enough. Start with a heavier weight – we’ll use the example of a dumbbell bicep curl with a 30lb weight. Perform as many reps as possible until failure (note: this means until your arms are tiring to the point of exhaustion), then replace your 30lb dumbbell with a lighter one and continue the same exercise until failure. Some individuals will add a second or even third repetition. Now, just how much weight should be dropped is another consideration. Figures from 10% (or ‘tight drop’) to 40% (wide drop) lighter are suggested. 30% seems to be a popular choice, and in theory should allow the desired workout – in our case a 30lb start would drop to 20lb; quite manageable. However, as with all things fitness, it comes down to the individual and the desired results. An important point to remember is this: drop sets are a relatively advanced technique. As a beginner, nothing beats slowly increasing weight to build mass and endurance. If, after doing an exercise to failure, you find it difficult to lift 50% of the weight (much less do repetitions with good form), this technique is probably one you should hold off on trying.

– Richard Howard.

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4 Responses

  1. Pawan Kumar says:

    This was good tips for beginners.

  2. Clark says:

    I need to get some muscle for once and this site was great!

  3. Clark says:

    I need to get some muscle for once and this site was great!

  4. James Tag says:

    A good overall workout 2 times per week per body part is this drop- set variation….

    reps of 15 .. 10 .. 5 .. 2 .. 1 .. with increasing weight and rest between each, while going heavier..
    Then a “blowout” with no rest, quick-switch when going from 2 to 15 ..
    ( same weights as on the way “up” )..

    As good as any for overall workout, pump, definition, etc.. and really the only way to maximize workout time if in a situation of having to use “machine(s)” instead of “real” weights..

    James Tag
    Founding Member BodyFx

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