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Bodybuilding can not only be beneficial for the body , but also bring great harm . This is due to the fact that the ideal of a bodybuilder is very far from the ideal of a healthy person.
Thus, to achieve a good , neat massushki muscular athlete will have to lower your body fat percentage (from 15 % to 6 %), and it is fraught with lack of energy production in the body that affect biological processes. As well , the athletes themselves get rid of the water that is in the body involved in the vital processes .
Also bodybuilders do not realize is that the joints and the heart can not stand the loads they are subjected to them . Joints are affected due to the rise of maximum weight , and the heart – because of weight gain . In order to avoid harm to constantly , even for 20 minutes a day , switch to the mobile activities ( cardio ) . Athletes can also damage the liver (and not only ) are not able to withstand the pressure the AU. Post-cycle therapy is king , as they say old-timers iron sport .
In any case, if the bodybuilder was unable to succeed in the competition , it was a futile damage to the body , so it is right to take precautionary measures during training and preparation for the tournament .
In order not to go to grind , do not get hold of stagnation and even monozhestvo other bebyaki that can affect both physical and morale , I advise you to read about keeping a journal , which is not important enough !
The benefits of bodybuilding
We will not agitate you bodybuilding . This choice you have to make yourself . We simply introduce you to the facts obtained from medical researchers . 1. Age-related changes .
You probably know that a person begins to age about 20 years. His eyesight and hearing impaired since the age of 12 . However, the signs of aging do not pay themselves externally, and to determine their possible only by means of sufficiently thin biochemical analyzes. By the middle of the third decade of life age makes itself felt first wrinkles on the face and light , rare, bouts of depression, reflecting incipient decline physiological activity. After thirty old age begins frontal assault . Suffice it to say that the body’s ability to absorb oxygen falls immediately by 10 percent, and then it has to decline by about 10 percent each subsequent decade. Of course, all this can pull plug if it were not for many personal problems that age brings with wilting . As shown by research carried out at Tufts University , regular exercise with weights have a pronounced anti-aging effect . Bodybuilding suspend “normal” drop in the rates of exchange in middle age , especially in combination with a diet that limits the intake of fats. Incidentally , the effect is universal. In the experiment involved elderly people aged 60 to 96 years who had never been involved in bodybuilding , exercise caused a surge of vitality . They added up to 15 percent of muscle mass and physical strength has increased by 180-200 percent!

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