Muscle atrophy

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Muscle atrophy is the inadequacy and dezantrenare produced by lack of physical exercise , resulting in reduction of strength and muscle loss . When a trained muscles become inactive due to immobilization , major changes occur leading to reduced their size and decreased muscle strength for that . These changes occur from the early hours of installation muscular atrophy , reducing the rate of protein synthesis , followed by loss of muscle protein over time . In the first week of inactivity , the force is reduced by 3-4% per day. Studies have shown that the main affected muscle fibers are slow twitch , being destroyed by necrosis . When physical activity is resumed , the muscles recover and return to previous shape faster than previous training period . To prevent loss of muscle mass and strength , obtained in bodybuilding training is necessary to maintain a maintenance program that would require installation muscles and avoid muscle atrophy .
To gain muscle mass and strength , after bodybuilding training requires sufficient rest , and it is the main factor in getting sleep . According to specialists means sufficient rest at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. Muscle growth can be achieved with the help of three important factors , namely: training , nutrition and rest. These three essential ingredients should not be neglected ever, if we want to build muscle mass and strength . Most bodybuilders and muscle but neglects the rest suffers. If you get the restful sleep you will not be able to cope effectively exercise and recovery from exercise , will be influenced negatively , stopping progress in increasing muscle mass and strength . For a quicker recovery of muscle can sleep a little after noon , because even 30-40 minutes of sleep during the day can bring beneficial effects in muscle growth . Half an hour of sleep in the afternoon, most athletes can do , as an hour or two sleep at night. Not all time for sleep during the day , but if the opportunity arises it is recommended to sleep. Adequate sleep may be the missing ingredient to reach your full potential

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