Triceps. Extension arm with a dumbbell in the slope

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Triceps. Extension arm with a dumbbell in the slope Technique: 1 Become sideways to the bench, lean and rest against her left hand and left knee. Set aside his right foot slightly back so that the torso has a horizontal position. Arm that support, straight and perpendicular to the bench.

Alternatively, some prefer not to rest on his knee to the bench and just put their feet “in wide stance” (left foot forward put up a step towards the right). This formulation of the legs is also acceptable, as long as the spin is parallel to the floor and slightly caved in the back. 2 Take a dumbbell neutral grip (palm facing the body, thumb in front), and bending the arm, lift your arm back to the level or slightly higher. In the initial position, the angle of the elbow of the working arm straight and the dumbbell hanging freely down (forearm perpendicular to the floor).

3 Take a deep breath and hold it. Hold the top of the working arm (from the shoulder to the elbow) fixed, tighten the triceps and straighten the arm. 4 At the top of the exercise arm is fully extended and is in line with the torso or just above Tips: 1 The horizontal position of the torso is critical. If the shoulders are above the hips, the amplitude of motion is much reduced and you will not be able to load the triceps to the maximum. 2 Holding your breath while straightening arms facilitate retention of the torso and upper arm in a horizontal position.

 3 The effectiveness of exercise depends on the observance of proper technique and form of the movement. If you keep your elbows below the level of the back, or not fully straighten your arm, you will not achieve the maximum reduction triceps. 4 Do not pursue the weight! Excessively heavy weights will force you to make a breakthrough in the initial position to move them off the ground, and are unlikely to give you straighten your arm completely

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